on dressing cute (in the winter)

i’ll start with this statement: i’ve always have latent desires to be one of those snazzy ladies that post cute things they’re wearing, however, my aversion to posting photos of myself has always held me back. so! i have concocted a solution, and i hope it is successful. 

as much of a tomboy as i am, i’m the first to admit that i like pretty things and looking decent. that being said, i’ll (sadly) never be one of those cute vintage-y chicks who go all out in cute accessories and well-themed outfits because of 1) at my core, simplicity and minimalism always win, and i prefer simple, basic outfits and 2) it’s a little too much work on my part, and clothing and style, above all to me, is comfort. that will come into play in a bit. 

anyway! i’ve drawn up a little chart of three common outfits i wear with many of my most basic pieces:

menswear, for the very reason of being simple, with good lines and practical makings, is my favorite staple. i feel like men’s fashions are always easy, make sense, and look good doing it, while on the other hand, i feel like 50% of women’s fashion falls into the “what the hell how is any of this practical” category. it’s not that i have no fun and no creativity in getting dressed; but i will never wear ridiculous 5 inch heels or purposely ripped jeans or a linen trenchcoat. i’m the same way about makeup, but that’s a whole different blog post…

however today is about dressing cute in winter. first off, i live in michigan. enough said. secondly, i can’t tell you how many adorable blogger girls i observe posing for their admittedly beautiful photos in the fresh snow, in darling outfits primarily composed of tights and heels and sweet vintage dresses. i can dig that. aesthetically, it’s fantastic! you’re all awesome, it’s true.

but guys: IT’S GODDAMN WINTER. i don’t know the rest of you ladies were born with steel skin that cold does not penetrate, or maybe you’re all living furnaces, but IT’S FUCKING COLD OUTSIDE. maybe it’s because i’m from Peru and i have tropical blood, but i see girls walking around outside in heels. WITH THEIR ANKLES BARE AND SHOWING. I DON’T GET IT. online shops show their ‘winter lookbooks’ and i have to call bullshit because i refuse to accept bare ankles as acceptable winter behavior. i will never get it. maybe they’re all made of tougher stuff than i, but for me, there is no such thing as truly cute dressing for truly bitter winters. i mean, guys, i have a dog. he goes on walks. it’s lovely to think i could prance around in a nice dress and tights while taking the little prince out for a romp in a beautiful winter wonderland, but IT’S MICHIGAN AND WE DONT HAVE WINTER WONDERLANDS WE HAVE HAVE WINTER STORM WARNINGS. i walk to a lot of places near my house, mainly the mall, and after trudging through the cold, seeing scantily clad ladies makes my mind spin. it’s not that i feel too dowdy; i just can’t wrap my brain around being anything other than an eskimo right now. so i will conclude by saying that i will never be able to achieve this level of winter prettiness. this ‘winter cute’ so documented by blogs and style sites and ladies around my town, i’m sorry, i will never be that tough and able to withstand it, so every winter, as soon as the chill hits, i will always look like this, and i’m not sorry:

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